What's happened to our benefits since 2010?

We put this summary together when we met with #Brighton Kemptown MP @lloyd_rm recently, to give a sense of the upheaval in our benefits system since 2010. 

major changes.jpg

Most of our clients are disabled, and many are struggling to cope with the harsh changes in disability benefits over recent years. The planned roll out of universal credit is a real worry.


The benefit cap means there is no effective safety net for families with children in high rent areas like #Brighton. No wonder food bank use is soaring.


It's now so much harder for people to afford somewhere to live. Shifting housing support from local councils to the DWP has also meant a loss of expertise, so vulnerable claimants have to explain their needs over and over.


Universal credit is a disaster for workers on low incomes. Miserly and unreliable, it pushes people into debt and towards eviction. And the treatment of self-employed people is a scandal waiting to happen.