On Monday 7th, we ran our first ‘Welcome to the Office Session’ for new office volunteers. This is designed for volunteers who are about to start in the office, to give them the basic info they need about the role and a quick run through of what’s involved in the day to day running of the office.

What made this session unique however is the fact that it was run by two of our current volunteers, John and Richard. Bringing these two in to lead the session meant that they could answer any questions the new starters had in a practical, experience based way, and that they could share their own stories as volunteers here. We also started the session with sharing stories of the best welcomes received, so that the group could reflect on the kind of high quality service they would provide as volunteers manning the front desk.

The feedback was incredibly positive, and all attendees are now signed up to join the office volunteer ranks! We are very excited by how well this went, and are now looking to train a core of experienced office volunteers to deliver this welcome session regularly.

“Really good to meet you all and experience the very positive attitude of the volunteers, John and Richard – thankfully there is still kindness out there!” – Ann, one of our new starters

Training for new office volunteers