Starting Thursday 7th September learn techniques and technology dating back 5000 years!

No fun unless it’s plugged in? Maybe daisy chains, headbands and carve a whistle? You’ll learn how to make a fire the same way as Native Americans, Aboriginals and indigenous cultures globally were able to do before 21st century tools took the skill away. The techniques and technology you’ll work with date back to prehistoric ages, 5000 years ago. We can cover much more but all linked in with ancestral knowledge. We can decide what we would like to do. We can cover the basics of these outdoor activities indoors.
The class can cover many subjects including
1. Building a shelter
2. Natural navigation
3. Making Native American headdress

Children welcome

The focus will be on fire making as the weeks go by, ultimately working in the woods at Stanmer Park or in Queens Park.

Starting Thursday Upstairs Classroom 2 -4.00pm

Primitive Skills/Firecraft Workshops

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